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Want to help your kids get ahead? Research shows that children who study music enjoy increased IQ and better academic performance. High Note Music Academy is dedicated to giving children and young adults the head start they deserve. High Note offers private and group lessons in piano, strings, guitar, accordion as well as master class and chamber/ensemble instruction. Music theory education classes and Early Childhood Music Appreciation classes are also offered.

Instruction is provided by top quality and experienced music educators and tutors.
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Music Programs

High Note Music Academy offers superior musical instruction to students from ages preschool to adult, at all levels of training and ability. Employing only the highest quality instructors, High Note provides private and group instruction in piano, keyboard, violin, viola, guitar, accordion as well as music theory education.

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Theory Programs

We will form a group class for as few as 4 students – feel free to propose one for you and your friends at a time that is convenient to you if we do not already have one that fits your schedule !

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Early Childhood

Musical fun in preparation for private lessons – children will learn to recognize pitch, rhythm, note values and other basic musical symbols and intervals, along with instrument families and keyboard fundamentals. Easy and enthusiastic learning through songs and musical games provides a good foundation to begin formal instrumental training.

Academic Tutoring

We offer academic tutoring for all subjects up until university levels. Whether you are looking for test preparation, admissions or reach ahead, we can help.

About us

High Note Music Academy was founded in 2004 to provide quality music and theory lessons for all ages. We want to promote the value of music and the benefits of music instruction at all ages. It is never too late to take up a new hobby or passion! Learning should be fun and fulfilling, and that is exactly what we provide.